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e▓arned more than one million yuan (158,000 U.S. dollars) by selling his bamboo work every year.In Baijie Town, v▓illagers cultivate bamboo fungus, or crinoline stinkhorn, a delicacy in some Asian countries, which grows in well-rotted bamboo.Long Chaogui, 49, once a▓ migrant worker, decided to stay in the village and dev▓elop his own bamboo business.In the eyes of Long, bamboo is the "golden key" to change his ▓hard life. He sold bamboo and bamboo shoots at first, and finally grew bamboo fungus, which br▓ought him more than 400,000 yuan last year. Long is now planning to expand his business this year.Since▓ there is a high demand for this kind of mushro

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followed suit to develop bamboo▓-related business.The bamboo have also attract▓ed businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has been▓ developed as a raw material to produce paper, charcoal, wine and fiber products. Thos▓e products increase employment and incomes for local ▓residents."With the largest area of bamboo forests of ▓any province, the bamboo industry has be

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n some regions of Sichuan. Total output has reached one billion yuan," said Ma Ping, a▓n official with the provincial forestry department.There are more than 1.16 million hectares of commercial bamboo plantations in t▓he province, which is also the habitat of nearl▓y 1,800

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giant pandas.Chen Yingjun, a

farmer in Wolong Town in southwest China's Sichuan Pro▓vince, used to grow potato and corn, but his life has greatly improved since he started

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pandas.Chen signed an agreement with the lo▓cal government to grow bamboo on his farm for giant pand▓as.He successfully got rid of poverty, while other▓ farmers from more than 3,000 households in this


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